Ati was born in the Netherlands in the city of Rotterdam. She later on moved to Purmerend, from where she still resides and works.


From 1975 up till 1991, Ati studied in the privacy and disclosure of her workplace. The process of designs, detailing bronze, patination, polishing molds, carpentry, stone carving using a variation of materials to gain a spacious designs. Done with clay, wax, plaster, steatite, marble and concrete. Working with a diverse collection of materials has allowed Ati to experience exceptional and interesting years of practice and exploration. The search for forms of art combining the composition of fine lines and tension continues to be the greater challenge in Ati's work. These creations are often abstract figurines with signature simplicity and stillness, of which it's origin is found in free expression.


Ati's search for beauty and harmony still carries on to this very day and is far from being overdue. Expressive bronze replenishes her inspiration towards renewing creativity daily. Ati has consciously chosen to remain close to her inner self in her exploration of bronze arts, making her an autodidact artist.


Her 3-dimensional designs have found themselves on exhibitions and galleries across and beyond Europe.